Shadow Board

“Shadow Board” is a unique form of digital activism borne out of the battles that have taken place in Northern Virginia school districts over the past few years. This show invites groups of local citizens to challenge their local school board by setting up a local “Shadow Board” to respond to the board’s policies and positions in real-time. Official school board livestreams are played in real-time and board members engage, respond, rebut, clarify, and inform along with feedback from the general public via Zoom and social media comments This is a new form of digital activism based on the long-standing British tradition of a “Shadow Parliament”.

It is our hope that the Shadow Board concept will become a national movement and we encourage activated American citizens to consider forming their own “Shadow Board”. USANOW.TV will provide the platform, technical support, and a all Shadow Boards will grow as a result of the increased national exposure.

Each Shadow Board has its own show page. Please click the link below to visit our pilot project, Fairfax County Virginia Shadowboard